Today we will be taking a look into some work in progress shots from Denmark where new interchanges are getting done, some scenery has been completed, but in this take you will also get to see some pictures that show the network of interchanges, before having the fancy details and scenery that you will later …

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Today I want to show you another new piece of our map. It is a small extension I made in Northern Germany: This is – as we call it in German – the “Ostfriesland”, a sea region in the state Niedersachsen. As the area is really flat, you are able to enjoy a vast view …

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Welcome to EuRoadNet!

Welcome to our first blog post at EuRoadNet, a brand new map for the best driving simulator ever, Euro Truck Simulator 2! We aim to creatively rebuild and extend the original map, adding new cities, roads and more, always full of detail, as true to life as possible and packed with micro innovations. In the …

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