Today I want to show you another new piece of our map. It is a small extension I made in Northern Germany:

This is – as we call it in German – the “Ostfriesland”, a sea region in the state Niedersachsen. As the area is really flat, you are able to enjoy a vast view from there.

In this version, I included a piece of the highways A29 (junction Kreuz Oldenburg-Nord to exit Fedderwarden) and A293 (very small part nearby Oldenburg).

At the A29 exit Fedderwarden, you will be able to make delivieries to Langewerth, a suburb of the harbour city Wilhelmshaven (which won’t be in-game). There you can find one Agronord and one Volvo company.

After GerMap released, I noticed that I did care way too less about realism. (I did a high amount of GerMap, e.g. the whole B5/P11.) So this time, I tried to build the map a bit more realistic, using satellite images and drive photos.

I hope you will all enjoy this small map addition and I am looking forward to know how you think about it. 🙂
Stay tuned!

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