Revisiting France

In today’s post, we are looking at what I’m doing in France and what the plans are for the region, so let’s dive into into it.

First off, a little clarification about the work: I am mapping France for this mod, my intention is to revamp existing regions to be up to date, and look for empty regions to fill with fresh new work. Sourthern France will be extended once SCS finishes Iberia and their connections, in-depth work in the older areas of France will be resumed after update 1.37. Changes like reworking Reims’ network are on the table, too.

Beggining in Paris, a location that required the combination of road network and skyline changes.

Marseille will go through an extensive rework in 2-3 stages that will rebuild all of the interchanges sorrounding the city and extend the port area of the city. For the upcoming release, part 1 includes the rework of La Mede, with replacing the scenery around it, and rebuilding the interchange that enters this town.

Coming up next, Saint Laurent has been greeted with a bunch of some roads, basically the rework and improvement work to scenery roads in the area, in order to give more immersion when traveling through this rural town.

Next is the A26/A29 interchange that is going through a partial rework.

A nice small addition – an extended version of the small town Courtenay will appear in one of our upcoming releases.

And a little look into the future, the area of Calais and the Eurotunnel are getting a rework.

Thanks to Feliweigi, the guy that is modelling assets and signs for our map mod, for providing signs to be used to increase the realism across selected areas.

A secondary project that is taking place by me, is Scandinavia – Denmark and Oslo currently. I will and I am reworking already a couple of interchanges at those areas, and some additions in Denmark will appear in the upcoming version that Topolino has been made as connections for Germany.

I might share work on Scandinavia later this year, not far away altough.

To finish off this article, here is a little teaser: New work near France, can you spot it out?

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