Rebuild of Bratislava

SCS started back in 2018 to rebuild their older parts of the map. However, more than one and a half years later, there isn’t even Germany fully rebuilt, so it might take a while until they have edited all of their map.
That’s why we took the chance to rebuild some older parts of the base map. For example, Bratislava rebuilt by The Nightgames.


This contains an intense refresh and re-skin in the city which makes the feeling when you drive there more like a 2020 city than a 2012 one.

By keeping the original layout of the city, he improved the houses, buildings, vegetations, and road textures similar to SCS’s German cities rebuilds.


But he also took the surrounding of Slovakia’s capital and rebuilt the interchanges leading to the city.

Before, you had some boring standard interchanges; now, you will get some fresh custom-made ones.

While The Nightgames rebuilt the map, I took special attention to the signs and created some fresh templates and boards to have more realism to details. Thanks to feliweigi who converted the original font Tern to the game. This font is also used in Austria.

In my opinion, the rebuild is very good work and Slovakia will be worth a visit again!

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